About Us

Santa Rosa Plumbing was formed in 1985 by a local solar contractor popular with the community for his fair and honest approach at plumbing service and repair. At the time most plumbing outfits operated with a Menu Book Pricing format, basically implemented by major insurance companies to inflate constructions costs.Steve and Octavio - Santa Rosa Plumbing

Santa Rosa Plumbing has always been a small mom and pop operation.  After a few years of running two or three trucks, it was discovered one good plumber and a good journeyman was all that was needed for success. Eventually Cotati Plumbing, Petaluma Plumbing, Windsor Plumbing and River Plumbing were all founded to provide most the county with fair and friendly service.

In 1994 Steve joined Santa Rosa Plumbing bringing a spark of youthful energy and a vague sense of organization. Steve comes from an insurance background serving both the major construction claims and fraud departments of a popular local provider. He was an immediate asset to an industry plagued by over-inflation and dishonesty. In his spare time Steve enjoys supporting the local music scene, something he has done since the mid 1980's. 

Steve started a partnership with Octavio in 2001. Octavio’s former military background and as a crew leader at a major aerospace manufacturer has helped Santa Rosa Plumbing become a smooth moving machine. His professional background in development and engineering is an everyday asset to Santa Rosa Plumbing's success as a problem solving unit. Octavio spends his rare spare time playing bass guitar and singing with a local band.

In January 2004 Steve and Octavio took over full management and operation of Santa Rosa Plumbing.  Believing that there is no better place in California to live both men enjoy sharing with our Sonoma County friends and neighbors the benefits of conscience water use.

Santa Rosa Plumbing continues it's support of The Children's Village of Sonoma County.  Standard plumbing services for The Village are covered by Santa Rosa Plumbing so the staff can do what they do best, keep the family spirit alive and functional for our county's kids.
We urge you to support The Children's Village with even the smallest donation. You can access their website here for more details.